My Buddy’s Coming Home Pet (Rescue Animals) Transport Service. LLC is based out of Middle Georgia and is owned and operated by Randall and Misty Turner. We have been working with animal rescue groups since April, 2007 and have personally re-homed several hundred dogs with all but a few going to the New England area. Our dogs/puppies are pulled from high-kill animal shelters in the southeastern states and occasionally we find dogs/puppies that have been abandoned out in the county and left to die.  There are several reputable, licensed/certified rescue transporters who take rescued dogs up north and they do a wonderful job. But we also heard horror stories of a few unscrupulous and unlicensed transporters who cram as many animals in trailers or vans without air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter in order to make a few dollars. We realized there was still a need for cost effective, humane, reliable and licensed rescued dog transport services to safely relocate dogs up north to their anxiously awaiting families. Thus My Buddy’s Coming Home Pet Transport Service went into bussiness in October 2008. My Buddy’s Coming Home Pet Transport Service is USDA certified and utilizes a 34ft custom built,  climate controlled trailer to transport dogs to thier new homes.  Each dog travels in an APHIS approved travel crate and is monitored throughout the trip via a closed circuit TV monitor en route to their new homes. Each dog has constant access to water while on the road and is given access to food every 12 hours. We stop several times for exercise and potty breaks along the way. We never leave the dogs alone. 
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Transport Rate is $135.00 per Buddy